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Torque motors

The current generation of torque motors display outstanding, unprecedented performance characteristics. These are achieved through the optimum combination of the appropriate bearing and the required measuring system. Schaeffler recommends different motor types for specific applications, which are perfect with regard to torque, synchronisation and design.

Rotary direct drives made by Schaeffler form the foundation for constructing the most powerful rotary axes in the world. Torque motors are ideal for mechanical engineering applications where high torque and optimum synchronisation are required.

Maximum power output is ensured by the highly efficient, closed cooling system.

RIB torque motors: internal rotor, up to 20% more torque or up to 30% less power loss, maximum efficiency

RI torque motors: internal rotor, good synchronisation characteristics, peak torque from 23 Nm to 23258 Nm.

RKI torque motors: high-performance internal rotor, three magnet versions available, peak torque from 88 to 17670 Nm.

RE torque motors: external rotor, highly efficient cooling, peak torque from 114 to 8162 Nm.

RMK/RMF torque motors: slotless AC synchronous motors, highly dynamic in controlled operation, peak torque from 2 to 15000 Nm.

SRV torque motors: internal rotor, extremely smooth running characteristics, for ultra-precise applications.

Segmented motors: customer-specific, special benefits in motors with diameters above 1260 mm, segments from 560 to 4500 N, tangential drive force.

UPR torque motors: circuit board based motor, customer-specific, available by segment or ring, high perfomance and low cost.

Special torque motors: customer-specific, functional integration of machine parts and motor parts.

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