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Torque motors SRV

SRV torque motors are slotted, permanent magnet excited AC synchronous direct drive motors with an internal rotor.

SRV torque motor with single strand
SRV torque motor with single strand

The motors stand out thanks to their extremely smooth running characteristics and allow top-quality surfaces with outstanding form and dimensional accuracy to be achieved without optical defects.

  • Air gap diameter [mm]: 89, 120, 168, 230, 298, 384
  • Package size [mm]: 25 – 200
  • Cable outlet: axial, radial, tangential, single strand
  • Temperature sensors: Pt1000 and 3x PTC


  • Significantly reduced electrical time constant (1/10), fast response times
  • No pulsating axial and radial forces, optimum synchronisation
  • Very high speeds (up to 14000 rpm)
  • Full torque even at low speeds
  • Best results of the machining surfaces, dimensional accuracy in manufacturing process and absolute shape accuracy
  • Saving of time and costs for post-processing


Ultra-precise milling, grinding and gear cutting machines, indexing tables, swivel axes, drives for rotary tables and rotary axes with very high speeds, tool or workpiece spindles (up to 14000 rpm), further ultra-precise machining

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