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Torque motors RIB: up to 20% more torque or up to 30% less power loss

RIB torque motors are slotted, permanent magnet excited AC synchronous direct drive motors with an internal rotor.

The primary part is a fully cast stator with external liquid cooling. The secondary part comprises an interference ring with a large internal diameter and permanent magnets attached on the outside.

This motor series is optimised for maximum efficiency, which means: Maximum torque in the available installation space at nominal speed and low power losses. The usable torque is available over a very large range.

The low torque fluctuations allow the motors to be used for precision applications.

RIB motor: cable outlet – axial
RIB motor: cable outlet – axial
RIB motor: cable outlet – tangential
RIB motor: cable outlet – tangential
RIB motor: cable outlet – radial
RIB motor: cable outlet – radial


  • Higher speeds/power ranges can be achieved through customised designs
  • Highly dynamic and high rigidity
  • Compact design
  • Zero maintenance
  • Good synchronisation characteristics
  • Reduced energy consumption thanks to customised winding designs
  • Cost savings by downsizing


Machine tools (direct drive, CNC axis), NC rotary tables (direct drive), direct drive in radial precision tracking units, automation technology, printing and packaging machinery, presses etc.

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