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Linear motors ULIM

ULIM linear motors are high-dynamic and ironless. They feature excellent smooth movement and no attraction forces to increase the life time of the guideways. These linear motors are available as two-phase motor and three-phase motor, if required with water cooling.

ULIM5 motor
ULIM5 motor
ULIM7 motor
ULIM7 motor
X-Y system with ULIM motors
X-Y system with ULIM motors


  • Excellent dynamics realized by an ironless primary part (advantageous force/mass ratio)
  • High efficiency
  • Very smooth motion (no cogging forces, very small force pulsation)
  • High accelerating capacity
  • Very high velocity
  • Compact design
  • Easy mounting in guiding systems
  • Excellent static and dynamic load stiffness
  • Precise positioning without backlash
  • High reliability and long lifetime
  • Contactless operation without wear and friction


Tasks particulary in the pick and place sector with high dynamics (> 2 m/s, > 20 m/s┬▓) and applications, which need a highest accuracy of path or constant speed, are advantageous to resolve with this ironless linear direct drive.

The ULIM series are predestined for applications in semiconductor production, electronic assembly, measuring and testing systems, precision automation, precision laser machining etc.

Pre-bond system with ULIM motors
Pre-bond system with ULIM motors

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