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Linear motors L2U

L2U linear motors are slotted, permanent magnet excited AC synchronous motors in double-sided design. They are characterised by their excellent force to volume ratio.

They are characterised by their excellent force to volume ratio. The attraction between the primary part and the two secondary parts is reduced to value approaching zero. The iron-core linear motor has two secondary parts symmetrically opposite each other. A very compact design of the moving primary part reduces mass and volume.

The L2U series offers an impressive low moving mass, optimum power loss, high degree of force, and compact installation space. This creates the advantage of having high acceleration and final speeds. The attraction forces are absorbed in the mechanical structure, without having to load the guides. This results both in lower costs for dimensioning and service as well increasing the service life of the guides.

  • L2U motors are offered in different categories:
  • with 3 standard lengths from 200 mm to 600 mm (primary part)
  • with 3 standard widths from 50 mm to 100 mm (primary part)
  • with 2 standard windings for medium and higher dynamics
  • with 2 fastening variants for the secondary parts
  • with several cooling options for primary and secondary parts
L2U primary part
L2U primary part
L2U motor with plug connection
L2U motor with plug connection
L2U motor with cable connection
L2U motor with cable connection


  • Speed adjusting range 0 - 100% of nominal speed
  • Highly dynamic and high rigidity
  • High speed
  • More force compared with DC motors with the same installation space
  • Reduced heat dissipation into the machine bed
  • Active cooling options
  • High accelerating and stopping capability owing to a favourable force-mass ratio
  • Very compact design
  • Wear-free drive principle
  • Good synchronisation characteristics


Machine tools (high-speed milling and grinding machines, presses, handling systems), automation technology, printing machines, packaging machinery

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